Top 4 Areas With Foreigners Community Living In Saigon

Currently, in Ho Chi Minh city, also known by the second name of Saigon, the image of foreigners was not too strange. But on the contrary, it became very familiar, and even easily became close, by the way very sociable, very open-minde. Foreigners also partly grasp the cultural life of this land, if we have a few more minutes of contact, perhaps we can also partly realize that how long they lived here. And if you are more interested, you will know their needs when experiencing the lifestyle in Saigon like? And where do they prefer to reside for business trips or permanent settlements?

Phu My Hung – the area with the largest foreign community in South Saigon

After 20 years of organizing and building successfully in persistence and hard efforts, Phu My Hung has now been a thriving urban area with an extremely stable population density at home and abroad. prosperous, a cool living space, a peaceful living environment, fresh, associated with nature. This very special feature in this “multinational zone” because it concentrates a lot of foreigners living from many countries such as Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, or a small number of Europeans.

foreigner community
foreigner community in phu my hung

Foreign community in the airport area – Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City

Near Tan Son Nhat airport, it is not too difficult to see foreigners who have been living, especially Koreans. Behind Nguyen Van Troi Street – the main road leading to the airport, the small and cheap roads are the villas and villas built from the early liberation years, most of the owners here are exported. In addition, however, the architectural villas of Western Europe are kept to increase the inspiration for foreigners in the first days of coming to Vietnam to work, and more near the airport, a convenient place to go back and forth. On the two sides of the road, there are many Korean-style restaurants, selling Korean food, etc.

foreigners community in Tan Binh
foreigners community in Tan Binh

Foreign community in District 1 – The long-term development center area of Saigon.

Referring to District 1, everyone probably thinks of a central area with many high-rise buildings, offices, amusement parks, shopping, bustling atmosphere, vibrant, living area all day and night, everything yes, whatever you need, whatever you want, etc. v. District 1 is also quite large, quite spacious, quite a lot of places to go, to play, to eat, to shop, to study …. the image of foreigners coming here is very crowded and caught a lot on the roads, such as Bui Vien walking street located in the streets: Bui Vien – Pham Ngu Lao – De Tham, lots of Western – Europeans, roads Le Thanh Ton – Miniature Tokyo City, or walking street Nguyen Hue, Ben Bach Dang, most have a lot of 5-star hotels or luxurious restaurants – very luxurious are located in this district 1, Because District 1 has a long thickness of development densities, strong economic and financial development.

However, recently, in general, people are very crowded, developed quite sustainably but the airy living environment is quite few, the trees along the road, or some parks are also put into the plan for economic development works, infrastructure, traffic bridges.

foreigner community in District 1
foreigner community in District 1

District 2 – new land is attracting the foreign community in Ho Chi Minh City

When the needs have reached their peak, people want to find spiritually, such as an airy, peaceful living space, fresh air, green trees, cool rivers, but still ensuring maximum utilities to improve the quality of life, that’s why District 2 new urban area was formed.

District 2 back two years ago is still reeds, or wild grasses, arid bare land, running a distance only see the industrial engineering, or transport. But until now District 2 quickly removed its old “flattering” coat, but instead was an extremely elegant, elegant, and extremely modern outfit, growing rapidly. In terms of infrastructure, as well as the community living is covered with green space, and improving utilities in many aspects, based on sustainable and selected developments that continue to promote towards newness, Not only for Vietnamese people but also for foreign groups. The following are areas where a foreigner community resides in District 2.

foreigner community in District 2
foreigner community in District 2

Thao Dien’s “Western Village”

A name that sounds like the land is quite wide, with a hint of coolness from the trees, there are also a few features here. With an area of ​​3.75 km2 hugging along the banks of the Saigon River, this area is quite special, occupying tranquility, advantages of living space, quality of the environment, to both live and relax, both settle down and work at the same time.

From this area, it is easy to connect with neighboring districts, or the center thanks to the convenient traffic connection – the gateway of the East, only 15 minutes to the center of District 1, about 15 minutes to the industrial zone. career in district 9.

In addition to ensuring the development of quality of life, the facilities at “West Village” are also quickly promoted – similar to the “essence” there, from luxurious restaurants, or bars, bars. , rock music, until such services as large hospitals, international standard schools, luxury commercial centers, entertainment areas “extreme” oách “are also extremely monumental investment and facilities. .

Therefore, residents living here are mostly businessmen, leading experts from many fields, domestic and foreign, celebrities, or households with aristocratic and long-standing French colonial period until now.

foreigner community in Thao Dien
foreigner community in Thao Dien

Thu Thiem new urban area

In the early years of planning, the name “Thu Thiem” is still vague to the majority of the community here about image, appearance, development change, but only for the past 3 years, that feeling of doubt. no more, but people have become more “awake” about the “heat” of “fever” of Thu Thiem now.

Planned to become a powerful financial center, a compliment of Southeast Asia, in the near future, the lonely “Thu Thiem” will once again become a bright urban area. most worth living, because 50% of the area is covered with water and greenery, the air is extremely cool, and fresh, the scenery is worth seeing.

Thu Thiem is built, typically with the nation’s key public works, convenient transportation, to the center of District 1 only takes 3 minutes. This is also a suitable place for the representative offices of the capital, the multinational corporations in the world to gather, so that is expected in a few more years this area continues to grow, many people. high-class residents, businessmen, businessmen, foreign businesses or senior management boards will choose this as their representative office, etc.

In addition to the nature of serving the economy, finance in general, it also promotes the strong development of housing projects, high-class residential areas, etc.

foreigner community in thu thiem
foreigner community in thu thiem

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