Things to keep in mind when renting an apartment

Find out the owner information before renting an apartment

Before going to the landlord, you can search the internet for basic personal information, transaction history on the landlord’s own posting pages. Tenants can ask for more information from people living around the area to learn more about the employer’s personality. When meeting directly to exchange transactions, tenants should note the following additional documents:

Certificate of apartment ownership for rent from the authorities, or power of attorney (if renting from a broker or intermediary).

Identity documents of the landlord help tenants know the landlord, conveniently conduct a lease or resolve future disputes.

Research your rental agreement carefully

check agreement
Check agreement on the rent aparment contract

Before signing a renting contract, the tenant needs to find out, carefully study the terms of the contract, the requirements, … to make amendments and changes before signing the contract to ensure fairness in transactions, avoid any case of trouble arising later. The following should be noted in the content of the contract:

  • Information of the lessor and lessee.
  • Contract term.
  • Terms related to money: The tenant needs to clarify issues related to the deposit such as the value of the deposit, how to return, the problem of canceling the contract, the landlord getting the house before the contract term …
  • Items related to expenses: Electricity, water, garbage, internet charges, who is responsible for repairing damage during the tenancy … If the tenant chooses to rent an apartment, it is necessary to clarify the management costs. management, maintenance, reception, area lighting …
  • Research the terms of your rental agreement carefully

Check the living conditions of the rental home

Services on apartment
Check all services when renting an apartment

When renting, the tenant needs to determine the purpose of the lease so that he can choose the most suitable accommodation for him.

Regarding living conditions:

  • Consider a fully furnished rental house such as a cooking place, a toilet, a clothesline, etc.
  • Is the toilet – shower damaged / in need of repair.
  • Does the home have a parking space or park the car somewhere else.
  • Do electrical equipment require repair / replacement.
  • Are there shared use of toilets – shower – kitchen? …
  • Pay attention to the time rules when renting a house
  • Consult prices of some areas.

The surroundings of the apartment

Renters should consult the experience of the previous people, tenants should invest in researching the living environment around the house they want to rent to avoid the hassle of moving in, and choose suitable and convenient places. Convenient for daily living. Tenants can visit several areas of the home they want to rent to understand the following:

Convenient transportation for tenants: Should choose the home located near the major roads, convenient for school, work or moving to places frequented frequently.
Find out about the security situation in the rental area to avoid low-income housing areas, social evils such as drug addicts, gangsters, prostitution …

Living environment: the best houses should be in clean sanitary areas, the air is not polluted due to surrounding factories and projects. Priority should be given to choosing quiet areas so that the spirit is always comfortable.

Public utilities around the rental house: if the person is working / attending, is the rental house close to the workplace / school, close to the bus stop; If it is a household, is the rented house close to the market, the supermarket, the school or the children …

Ask people around the house about the information

One of the ways to know the above factors is that tenants can come to ask people who live in the area, because sources of information from people in the area are rated with high level of trust.

Common risks for tenants

The tenant has thoroughly researched the information, but the tenant still has some troubles when he moved in. The following are common problems that tenants should pay attention to if they encounter:

Be careful when living in the compound: accommodation helps reduce costs but it also brings a lot of problems such as no private space, disputes about using properties in the house … Therefore, you should carefully research the information Those who live together, consider, consider whether or not suitable to live together.

Conduct when having trouble when renting a house: cases of dispute with the lessor

Increasing house prices,

Refusing to return the deposit, the landlord catches, threatens …

Tenants should collect the full evidence such as photos and papers to get help from the police and authorities in the area.

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