Rent Apartments In Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City is one of the most attractive destinations for foreigners, with an estimated more than 320,000 people living in this city. The need to find apartments becomes very necessary. So how can you rent an apartment in Ho Chi Minh City that suits your financial and needs?


Rent Apartment in Ho Chi Minh City

I / How to find an apartment to rent in Ho Chi Minh City?

1. Real estate websites for rent apartment

– Depending on your stay, you can choose the websites to help you find the best apartments:,…

2. Groups for renting apartments on social networks

– Social networking is also one of the useful means for you to find good apartments. But there is a point that many people do not choose this way, because they will often have to reply to the messages of hundreds of other individuals, maybe the landlords, maybe the apartment rental brokers. This will be quite annoying

3. Ask friends who have lived in Ho Chi Minh City

– Ask the people you know who used to live in Ho Chi Minh City. They will give you the most practical advice

II /  Choose to rent apartment in Ho Chi Minh City

1. Choose to rent an apartment by area.

This is an extremely important factor in finding apartments in Ho Chi Minh City. With a population of more than 9 million and traffic conditions are not really good, traffic congestion is an everyday problem here. In addition, some areas were flooded after heavy rains. So the choice of area is ideal for you and your family, you can desire some of the following points:
+ Rent the apartment closest to your workplace: This will minimize the time you travel on campus and avoid traffic jams. Imagine you just need to spend 15 minutes to get to your office and get ready for work or 40 minutes on the road with thousands of motorbikes, noise and possibly collisions.
+ Rent apartment in areas where many foreigners live: Tai HCMC has some areas that foreigners are particularly fond of. Nhu Thao Dien District 2, Phu My Hung District 7, Japanese Quarter Thai Van Lung …. There are many restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, preschools … and other services are enough. to meet the needs of your family.
+ Avoid renting apartments in areas often congested or flooded: In Ho Chi Minh City there are some hot spots for traffic jams and after heavy rains you will encounter very bad situation when the road becomes a river.

Rent Apartment in Ho Chi Minh City

2. Choose to rent an apartment according to your family’s needs.

If you are a flexible, location-based job, such as an English teacher, a salesperson, or an insurance agent. You can choose to rent an apartment in the area near the center to conveniently move to other districts. This will save maximum time to meet your work
– If you are working from home, you can choose to rent apartments in quiet areas such as Binh Thanh, Phu Nhuan, Tan Binh or District 7 .. are ideal locations to save costs but still fit my work.
– If your family has young children, you should also give priority to the children by renting apartments near the area where there are schools and playgrounds. And sure when your kids feel happy, you will be happy for that too.

Rent Apartment in Ho Chi Minh City

3. Choosing to rent an apartment according to the budget.

This seems to be the most important factor for you to decide which apartment to rent? Depending on your financial situation as well as your living expenses plan, you can choose from luxurious apartments in high-end projects or areas around the city with lower rents. The cost of renting an apartment will also depend on the characteristics of the apartment such as: balcony, elevator, area, view, pets allow, gym, pool ………… this depends on real needs. If you are interested in each and every one and you can completely consider your choice.

III / Things to keep in mind when renting an apartment in Ho Chi Minh City

1. Paperwork when renting an apartment

– Nowadays, it is quite easy to rent an apartment when the basic procedures are not difficult to carry out. But still there are things you need to note as follows:
– Before renting an apartment: When you have chosen an apartment, the first thing you need to determine is whether the lessor is the landlord or not? That could be the homeowner or the sublease. This will avoid the situation where you pay rent to someone who does not have an interest in this apartment.
– You will need to deposit a sum of money so the landlord will definitely keep that apartment until you move in. A bond contract will be made between you and the landlord to keep that in mind. When you move in, an apartment lease will be signed to ensure all rights and responsibilities of both parties.
– You provide photos or personal information to the landlord to perform the contract, followed by the registration procedure of resident information or temporary residence information. This will help you comply with the laws here.

2. Negotiate the conditions when renting an apartment

– For you to be truly comfortable, negotiating the conditions is essential. You should be sure of the included services or costs if any. Conditions for raising a pet or an elevator, a parking lot or the price of electricity and water …… Also, if you intend to stay long, you should also confirm the price changes in case you want to extend. more

3. Should an apartment be rented with support from a real estate company?

– There are many customers often think, if they rent an apartment through a broker, the landlord will push the rent up to pay commission costs. In fact, the rent is given by the landlord based entirely on their personal thoughts. They can refer to the market or value according to the value of the apartment such as location, area, utilities … usually for customers renting directly or through the landlord’s broker will keep the rent as so. There are also cases where the price will be slightly lower if the tenant works directly, but that will have risks later. You should consider getting environmental support after reviewing the following:
– The benefits of renting an apartment through a broker
+ You do not have to pay anything for brokerage services
+ Do not worry about the above issues when you have been supported by brokers during the process of finding an apartment and the time you live there.
+ In the process of renting an apartment, there will be many problems you need to get support, and the landlord is often very busy and it is difficult to best support you. There are cases when you and the landlord cannot work together. Meanwhile, the broker can help you or give the best plan for you. It is much easier for them to negotiate with the landlord than you do it yourself.
+ Currently, besides real estate companies, there are also freelance brokers. You can consider working with whom is most beneficial to you. With companies they will have a large number of apartments and you will have many choices. Moreover, they will solve more problems for you than an individual broker.

The choice of whether or not to cooperate with the ki brokerage apartment is entirely decided by the customer. In order to ensure the benefits as well as easier in the process of finding satisfactory apartments, the role of real estate companies is very necessary. Above are the points you should refer to before planning an apartment in Ho Chi Minh City. Good preparation will help you minimize the risks of living in another country. Choose a reputable real estate agency unit to save time and money as much as possible.
Currently, Eureka Home is one of the largest real estate companies for rent in Ho Chi Minh City. Over 1,000 serviced apartments and more than 4,000 apartments will ensure you get the best choice
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